Sunday, June 17, 2012

An entire post on.. wait for it... a hotpad! :P

Over the weekend, I made tremendous progress on my wonky square rings quilt. I'm really excited to say that I've finished the top! Woo hoo! :D It feels really great to have the top done, but for now I thought I'd share a small project that just sort of happened when I took a break from the quilt top.

 Random, I don't use pincushions - I just toss all my pins in trays! 

I started to think that I might run out of the red and blue pieces I cut out of the quilt top from the antique shop. While my fiance and I were out running a couple errands, we stopped at my local quilt shop and I picked up a charm pack that had lots of reds and blues. Amazingly, that's all I left with. Go self restraint, go!

I cut most of the charm pack up for my quilt top, and when I was done I had a pile of the most adorable little square scraps! Tiny little things, but so freakin cute I had to do something with them. What is it with things in miniature that is so irresistable?

I didn't really have a plan, I just started making little nine patches. They weren't exact squares, so my patchwork isn't perfect, but since I was just messing around I didn't really care. And now I have a hot pad!

There wasn't enough scraps to make a matching set, but whatever, it was just a fun little project. I got the chance to piece, quilt and hand bind all in a little over an hour! :) Kinda like a mini-mini quilt.

So yea, not the most exciting post ever, but later this week I'll share the quilt top I finished. Maybe I'll even have a finished quilt! :-O !! Lol, maybe..

I'm going to link this post up with Megan, at Canoe Ridge Creations, for Sew Modern Monday - I feel like since it's my first time linking up I should have started with a bang,  but nonetheless - here I am! :P If you are stopping by from the linkup - hi! It's nice to meet you!

Thanks everyone for stopping by! :)


  1. Great post on the hot pad. At least you got a post in. I haven't had the time the last few days.

  2. Very cute! Looking forward to the quilt top.

  3. There's something so exciting about small and quick projects. The hotpad's turned out lovely. I love that it's slightly wonky but in a structed way.

  4. Hi there. I love your hot pad! Minick & Simpson fabrics are so pretty, sort of rustic and romantic cowgirl! I use antique dishes and little tins for my pins...the best is those ones you buy to put a gift card in :)

  5. Your going to laugh at my comment -- but I seriously love all of the thread colors! I went to a "sit and sew" Saturday at a new-to-me place. When you walk in they have practically every color and brand of thread right there for delicious eye candy. I wanted one of each!

  6. I don't use pincushions either! I have little tins sitting on my table and ironing board. :) Very cute hotpad! great colors.

  7. That's so fun! I kind of like that they are a bit wonky and I love the one white square. Sometimes symmetry isn't everything. On a side note I've never used a pin cushion either. My mom used to have a big magnetic tray and that was awesome! I don't have one of those so they just kind of get flopped on my sewing table until I put them back. Not the best plan, the tray seems like a good idea I may have to steal!

  8. I love the wonkiness of this; it's perfect and screams FUN! I love being able to use up scraps like this. That makes this even more special :)


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