Friday, June 15, 2012

Fabric delivery from overseas.. :D

Still no time to sew! My house guests are currently occupied, so I thought I'd sneak some eye candy in for ya. I went ahead and bought some Liberty! I feel like a total nerd trying to like, fit in with cool kids, because there is so much hype about this fabric. I had been lusting after it for a long time, and after I saw what Ashley (from Film in the Fridge, one of my fav's) did with hers, and seeing some other cute stuff around the web lately, I knew I had to buy some myself. I'm so glad I did! I absolutely adore it, I stare at it, I think about it at work, dream about it at night - okay I'm getting carried away. Now I really do sound like a nerd!

I purchased the fabric through, Pick Click Sew, which I recommend. The fabric shipped on a Wednesday and arrived Monday - so fast for overseas! And it was affordable, about $20 shipped, and if I had to estimate I have about 2/3 to 3/4 of a yard total. Very small pieces though! I am going to have to think about my quilt design for a while so as best to use all the fabric. I've also put a rule on myself that I can't sew anything with this until my wonky squares quilt, and Dresden Challenge quilts are done! :-O !!!

I've been doing my best to visit your blogs when I can sneak some time in! Sounds like everyone around my house is ready to be social now, so off I go. Happy quilting! :)


  1. Gorgeous! I look forward to seeing what you make with them :)

  2. Girl, those are some REALLY pretty cuts. That was a deal for sure!

  3. I am SO jealous of this fabric! I had big plans to buy yardage and then couldn't make up my freaking mind! It's such a huge commitment, I want it ALL! Every time I see a piece of clothing made out of a piece of this I want to own it, too! Have fun with it!


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