Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wonky block update and a Dresden beginning

For the first time, maybe in ever, I have two WIPs!

In the past, I've made quilts like I read books - start at the beginning, read all the way through, move on to the next book. (Unless the book sucks, then I'll just toss it aside. I'm not one of those people that will punish themselves and read to the end no matter how bad it is!) Right now I have two quilts going on because I finally decided what to do with my Poetica fabric and I'm really excited to see it come to life!

WIP #1 Wonky Square Ring Blocks

I thought it'd be cool to give this quilt a twist by adding one just-red block. Like a cherry on top.

I have 7 blocks out of 16 done - almost halfway there! I really should have made more progress on this quilt, but the weather was too nice this past weekend to stay inside very much. What's interesting about these blocks is that each one takes almost exactly half an hour, so I like to turn on HGTV and listen to one episode of a house hunting show while I sew. Works out well!

WIP #2 Dresden beginnings...

I made an Amazon purchase (it was $25.10 - just enough for the super saver, yeaah!). I've been following the EZ Dresden challenge blog hop, and I am so inspired I've decided to participate. The template was 7 bucks, and well.. something else on my Amazon wish list just happened to be $18, sooo... what was I to do?! lol The numbers were aligned, can't mess with fate. :D I'm really excited to get the Quilting Modern book in my hands!

I went to JoAnns and bought some coordinating solids to go with my Poetica prints. I love looking at them! They are so juicy together all on their own I'm half tempted to complete the quilt solely with the solids!

Here are all the fabrics together..

(I do not know what green I ended up buying, hence the mystery.)

Okay, here is what I am thinking... what if.. (p.s. it's too late for what if's, I've already started!) I made a GIANT log cabin block... like this (though it isn't nearly big enough yet)..

Then, what if I used the Dresden template to cut the giant block into 20 wedges, and then cut those wedges into thirds. Then (are you following me? lol) what if I were to sew those pieces back together into rows using Kona Coal as my background/separator fabric.

This is what I am thinking. I really like it, but it doesn't look very Dresdeny, does it? I am not even 100% convinced this is all going to work out... but I will just go ahead and see where it takes me. :)

A tidbit about me and a question! I'm an industrial designer for a living so I know CAD programs inside and out. I use them (Solidworks if I'm at work playing around on lunch, Draftsight, which is free, at home) for laying out quilting ideas - it makes it so I don't have to think about the math! Is there some kind of software that quilters commonly use? I'm curious to know how people plan out their designs.

So that's what's going on this week. As a side note.. I thought I'd say thank you to Therese, from Birdie & Maryse for the fabric she sent me and the sweet little card... I won her Sew Mama Sew giveaway, and I'm really happy to have these cute fabrics added to my stash!

Today I'm going to link with Heather and Megan from Quilt Story. Tomorrow I'll be linking with Lee, for WIP Wednesdays, as usual. :)

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  1. It's all pretty cool if you ask me! Your Dresden idea...wow. Never seen anything like it so it will be one of a kind, and pretty awesome if it all works out! My mind just doesn't work like that so I'm always so impressed when I see the ideas that others come up with. :)

  2. I love doing the same thing. Sewing something and then cutting it up to make a creation completely different! It looks like it will be gorgeous! :)
    Sew Incredibly Crazy

  3. I love the "cherry" block. I just really love that red, white, and blue quilt though! It's a color scheme I've always been a bit afraid of because I think it's really easy to make look cheesy. But you've avoided that here, which gives me some hope...

    Also, I LOVE House Hunters/HHI! A friend and I have a loose "Crazy Scale" for the people on the show (usually the wives.) "I never cook but I MUST have granite!!!" or "It needs to be in THIS zip code." or "I need a room for my tanning booth." :) And I love seeing how far money goes (or doesn't) in different parts of the country. Makes me determined to leave the "coast" before I buy a house. :)

  4. Also, I apparently "love" everything. Wow. Sorry about that.

  5. Oh I love those wonky square ring blocks. They are really fun! And the colors of your future dresden are great, too!

  6. Your wonky blocks are awesome! Loving it! Can't wait to see how the other project comes along too :)

  7. honestly? i think your dresden idea kicks ass. that's going to be freaking gorgeous! i just ran across that challenge the other day, and i can't wait to see what'll come out of it!

    i really like your wonky square blocks as well, though the dresden is what captured my attention!

    for software, there is Electric Quilter, but most of the people who seem to have it design paperpiecing patterns. it's still on my xmas list though, cause it seems cool. i have a bunch of friends who use illustrator, though most of them have graphic design backgrounds. i use photoshop, mostly to audition colours sometimes because i don't have space for a full design wall.

  8. What an inspired idea! I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens with it.

  9. I'm loving your Dresden quilt colours and your Dresden layout and I particularly like them in the log cabin. I was also thinking that your layout collage showing us all the fabric samples together would make a great backing sheet! Looking forward to seeing how it all goes :)

  10. Love, love, love the colors for your dresden layout, and those wonky blocks are so bright and cheerful.

  11. Love your idea for the dresden quilt! I think it will be really pretty and unique as well.

  12. Your Dresden quilt idea looks amazing! I think it'll be awesome, and I love the colors!

    As far as software for laying out quilts, there's something called Electric Quilt (EQ) that people use. I also think people sometimes use Photoshop. I use Adobe Illustrator, because, like you, it's what I've used for work!

  13. Oh dear.....I have a boat load of WIPs. I am not sure I could ever work on one project straight through, but I am getting better.

    Love the colors on your wonky quilt!

  14. I found you through your comment on Rachael's post today (Advice to new Bloggers). New follower! I love your wonky squares! I am still looking for inspiration for my bee month, I think this is harder than making all the blocks!

  15. So nice to meet you, Bethany! I love that Poetica line and your idea for working with it looks fun. Also, I'm very pro the cherry on top ;)


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