Friday, August 17, 2012

Story behind the name and a birthday quilt

It's been a very busy week for me! I've spent almost every night this week researching and shopping for a new car. I'm really excited about finally making a purchase, but it doesn't make for a very interesting story, so I'll just summarize by saying that I haven't been doing much sewing!

Okay, how about a mini-story that is quilting related? Like, how I came about choosing my blog name. When I made my first quilt and everyone in my family found out, all of a sudden I was hearing a lot of, "Make me a quilt!" And that's pretty much it. :)

One person that wants a quilt that I haven't gotten around to yet is my sister. I've been putting it off because I want her quilt to be perfect... Her birthday is coming up in September, and maybe it's crazy to take on a new project with a month left until my wedding, but I'm going for it!

I LOVE this set of fabric,  I mean.. I really love it. I have been staring at it for a week, folding and stacking the fabrics, thinking about what I want to do with them. I can't take credit for how well these colors go together - ahhh, I totally stole this color scheme from Rachel, (Stitched in Color), who put together an awesome "blogger bundle" called "Berry Picking" for Pink Castle Fabrics. Go buy the bundle because it's perfect! :D

I would have bought this bundle, but I had to stop myself... I decided to look through my stash and see if I had anything that would work, and then use the gift certificate I won to purchase additional fabrics to complete the set as best I could. I still might snap up that Berry Bundle - I just need to cool my jets on the ol fabric budget for a minute!

Now I know why everyone loves Flea Market Fancy so much.. the fabric is even prettier in person, and I'm sure I'll be buying some more of the brown in the future, it's gorgeous!

So back to the quilt I'm going to make from these fabrics. My sister is a more "traditional" type of person. She really likes vintage stuff and "old-fashioned" decor. I don't think she'd like anything wonky or really modern. The colors in this fabric set might even be a little too bright for her taste, but I've picked out a really cute block pattern that has a "classic"/traditional look to it that I think she'll like.

In my next post I'll show you the block and a step-by-step on how to make it. Here's a preview!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. What a pretty stack of fabrics!! Can't wait to see the whole thing ;)

  2. Have fun making this quilt but don't let it stress you too much! How's the wedding planning going then? More things settled now? Don't let that stress you too much either!

  3. I do think you're a little crazy for starting a quilt a month before your wedding, but it's good stress relief, right? :)

    I'm not a huge DS fan, but I love that brown and red combo in your preview block. It's so different, and it really pops!

  4. Is this your first new NEW car purchase? How exciting if it is! But exciting nonetheless :-) Congrats.

    That bundle is quite scrumptious - I can't wait to see the finished product! And a little sewing for her might help take your mind off of any crazy last minute wedding stuff...


  5. What a pretty start! I'm glad the bundle inspired you. The block you put together is so beautifully traditional. I love traditional blocks in modern fabrics!

  6. Awesome fabrics! Good luck deciding exactly what to do with them!

  7. You know what Bethany? I could look at your blog posts just for the bright colours - makes me smile. :)

  8. Beautiful Fabrics! the green and blues are lovely. I hope you'll post some wedding pics! My wedding day was so fun and happy. Have a great weekend!

  9. I can't wait to see the whole quilt! The fabric choices are perfect. Rachel has an excellent eye for color!

  10. Lucky sister! Those colors are absolutely gorgeous!

  11. You are cray-zey! But, I love those fabrics and can't wait to see more of your progress if you can show us without ruining the surprise.

  12. I am obsessed with these colors!!! I have been staring at Baby Boy fabrics (all pastel blues, greens and browns) for months and I am SO. SICK. OF. THEM. Can't wait to finish this quilt, give it to a friend's baby and start something with some brighter colors! These are gorgeous :)


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