Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Chained 5 Patch, Thrifty Treasures

Hey quilters, I have a little bit of progress to share for WIP Wednesday. I managed to sew up a couple blocks for my 5 patch quilt (I need to think up a new name!). They really are fast blocks, which goes to show how much time I've put towards quilting this week with only 3 new blocks to show. And one of them isn't even completely sewn, lol - that's a hardcore "work in progress" picture for ya!

As for that white space.. it looks so awful, I can't stand it! HMMMMMM!  Did I not learn my lesson on the wonky square rings? Didn't I say I don't really care for white space? I'm rolling my eyes at myself right now and trying to remember that I'm always questioning myself until the entire project is finished. Maybe some colorful hand quilting will spruce up those white areas?

I went thrifting again last week.. I found only one new piece of fabric for my vintagy themed stack. I thought it appropriate to throw a picture in here because this fabric stack really is a work in progress! I could always go to etsy and purchase some vintage fat quarter packs, but it's so much more fun to go on the treasure hunt yourself.

I am hoping nobody saw the look on my face when I spotted this pretty yellow pillowcase! I was overly excited, I might have snatched it off the rack a little too fast, as if somebody was trying to beat me to it!

I found this other one two weeks ago, but it doesn't really go with my color scheme so I'm just tucking it away in the stash. I love how a pillowcase costs 99 cents and ends up yielding between a half and full yard of fabric! Sweet.

Thanks for popping by! :D  I'm off to design some custom labels for the wine bottles for my wedding (labels nobody will notice and will end up in the trash.) My mom is pretty much forcing me. Okay, she's not forcing me at all LOL, she just seemed really excited about it and thought it would be cute - I felt too bad about saying no! :P


  1. I think the quilt is looking beautiful. I'm always amazed at the difference after it is quilted so. . .

  2. You're creative Bethany, I'm sure you'll find a way to fill that white space. Plus it will look better once the blocks are joined.

  3. The quilt is looking really good. And great finds for your vintage stack. I really like the yellow pillowcase.

  4. Where are you designing your wine labels?? My husband makes homemade wine and right now we just use masking tape and letters to tell apart the flavors (as if homemade wine wasn't already redneckish...lol!) He's looking into making some labels but we aren't really sure where to start.

    Oh and I think I need to start looking for pillowcases to buy!

  5. I love your quilt blocks! I am sure you will find something perfect to quilt in those white spaces.
    We made our wine labels for our wedding as well (11 years ago!!). I thought nobody would notice but we actually got A LOT of nice comments about them. People know about all the small details and you will be surprised who will notice!! Just have fun!


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