Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finished placemats (and some napkin rings)

You guys left me so many nice comments yesterday, I feel ashamed at being so hard on myself! Thank you! You all are too nice. :)

I finished up both place mats, and after taking some advice from Jen, who said to go around the circles twice to hide any of the imperfections, I think the second one (shown below) turned out pretty nice.
When it comes to quilting, my favorite parts of the process are coming up with the design, choosing the fabrics, quilting the layers together, and the binding. I really love sewing on binding. It's the last stop, the finishing touch, and I get more joy and satisfaction out of binding than I'd admit to anyone but you guys. I should have sewn this one on by hand, but I mean... it's just a place mat. :)

(For the record, I hate spending large amounts of time cutting and I don't really care for ironing, but it's necessary drudgery. I wish I had an ironing fairy! Or cutting elves.)

I loooove the fabric I used for the binding, I might need to get some more of it. I think it would work with a lot of different color schemes.

When I was done (and my sewing room looked like (still looks like) a tornado went through, scraps of fabric everywhere, threads hanging from every surface in sight) I decided to use some leftovers to make matching napkin rings. Not that I ever actually use napkin rings, but you know... they're cute! lol

Someday I'll have to tell you the story of my dining room table - I made it myself and it was a lot of work (..that's pretty much the story) so don't even think about putting your glass down without a coaster! LOL I'm actually a really messy person and being careful or keeping things nice and/or clean is the last thing you'll see me doing. (That's my fiance's specialty! He's a clean freak!) :P Just don't mess with my table. I'll set my cutting elves on you. Okay, too much.

  • Pebbling is hard at first, but once you get a rhythm going it's not so bad.
  • Pebbling uses a ton of thread
  • Pebbling takes forever
  • Pebbling looks really pretty!
  • I will probably never use pebbling on a quilt!
So now I'm back to working on my wonky square ring blocks.  And I still need to think of what do with the beautiful Poetica fabric I bought! There are so many quilt designs I want to try, I can't make up my mind. :)


  1. Bethany, they look SO great. Very cute fabrics and I love the pebbling. I've never tried it. I can see how using that design on a quilt would be slightly overwhelming, not to mention the thread it would gobble up!

  2. GREAT place settings! I am like you, I like the idea of napkin rings :D I have a whole drawer full of them.

  3. It's so interesting to read what people like most about the quilt-making process, because it varies so much from person to person! I'm always amazed when I come across someone who is actually a cutting nerd, because like you, I find it incredibly tedious!

    I can't believe you made that table. It looks amazing! And the placemats are pretty cool too. ;)

  4. Wow, I love your pebbling. I need to try it

  5. I think your stuff is fab, you've got a really good for putting fabrics/colours together and your pebbling is great too :)

  6. Looks beautiful!s Pebbling does use up a lot of thread!

  7. Those are are so beautiful. What a great way to practice your free motion and the bright binding is such a great way to bring it together.


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