Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paper Piecing Update

A quick post today - just wanted to share an update on how my paper piecing is going. I made two more animals this week - a goat/ram and a swan. These two didn't turn out as great as last week's squirrel and pig, but I think it's because I didn't choose the best fabrics this time around, especially on the swan. Luckily I have some new fabrics coming tomorrow (yay!), and a Kona swap due back to me very soon - 64 layer cake sized colors! Double yay! So I can keep chugging along with plenty of prints and solids to choose from.

Here is the link to the pdf file of this goat/ram. As always, if you noticed anything wrong with the pattern, don't hesitate to let me know! :)

Swan link. Eeps, that yellow is so see through! I think it'll be okay with a nice, light batting behind it. My yellow stash is so very sadly low, so I had to go with this big print. Umm... I might re-do this block. I'm so hard on myself, I gotta stop! :P

From last week, here is the pig pattern.

And of course, the squirrel.

In other news, I'm really close to finishing my EZ Dresden top, and am starting my Mario quilt! Angela from Cut to Pieces has posted the first block from the quilt-a-long. I'm about to cut - really excited!!

Told ya it'd be a quick post! ;) Happy Wednesday, the work week's half over!


  1. I like how you are doing one color per block - they are going to look great all together!

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself! Truly, we are our worse critics. I like all of your paper piecing animals! I just learned paper piecing this week because I certainly sucked at English paper piecing for our dogwood quilt! I'll post it real soon so you can feel much better about your sewing :)

  3. uh, just stumbled unpon your blog and think i'll keep coming back! i was looking at that mario thing the othr day and trying to convince myself it was a bad idea to start another project. you aren't helping... also loving the animal blocks, way too cool. and you're right, with bright white batting the yellow one will look just fine. :D

  4. Your swan is beautiful! I would cry if you ripped it up to re-do it! Honestly, your blocks are so amazing that I think I am finally convinced that I should try paper piecing. :)


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