Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WIP Wednesday: EZ Dresden, Mario, Patchwork

I spent the weekend with family at my mom's lake house - I had a homemade birthday cake with a certain dreaded number of candles - ugh, just take a look...

I have been telling people for the longest  time that I was a year younger than I actually am, to delay the dreaded three-oh, but I can't escape it any longer! The duping is over! I am not exactly sure what is going on, because I feel like I just graduated college. I suspect trickery.

I have made an embarassing amount of progress this week. My EZ Dresden (above) was my biggest accomplishment - it's almost done! I just need to sew three more rows. I am hoping to be done with it very soon, I know exactly how I'm going to quilt it.

I finished my Mario block. It was a LOT easier to work with a smaller section, much more manageable. This time I used a piece of damp muslin to lay overtop of the blocks while I ironed. It worked beautifully. Another improvement I made was ironing the seams open!

It wasn't exactly fun, but it made sewing the block a lot easier. Speaking of ironing.. this is my new iron! I love it! My fiance gave me a few presents today (he is spreading them out over the week, yay!) and one of them was the iron I really wanted. It's very small and lightweight, but it irons wonderfully and it's much easier to get into little areas to press open seams.

Mr. Mario isn't 100% accurate, you can see where some of the seams got a little wonky.. and his foot is sorta messed up.. lol. But when you are looking at it as a whole the mistakes sort of blend in and you don't notice them. I think the next block will turn out better. I can tell I'm going to be behind on this quilt a long!

Okay, I need help guys! Help as in sewing management therapy. LOL. I have a strong urge to sew a patchwork quilt. I am repressing it, because I have so many WIPs that need attention, but this stack is very tempting! I cut these out while I was making a charm pack to give away - check it out! If you already have, thank you for entering! :) First giveaway - so exciting!

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  1. Happy Birthday! A man who buys you the iron you wanted? He's a keeper!

  2. Happy birthday! Everyone tells me that your thirties are way better than your twenties. I'm hoping so, because I've been pretty unimpressed with my twenties. So take heart! You have a new house and a soon-to-be husband. That's not so bad. :)

    This: "But when you are looking at it as a whole the mistakes sort of blend in and you don't notice them." is my quilting mantra. :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Mine is coming up next week...36 for me. :) The dresden looks amazing!

  4. Happy Birthday! Wow- new decade! I totally recognized that iron - how is it? And I would say, if you want to start a patchwork quilt instead of finishing your WIPs, why not? Any finish-by dates you have are self-imposed, right? That Mario is super cute!

  5. I am the last one to tell you not to start another project, I have an unmanageable amount going myself...if it sounds like fun, go ahead and start it, lol! Love a guy who buys an iron, he's a good one, Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Welcome to the "Thirties club"!! I am 36 and I think the Thirties are definitely better than the Twenties!
    Mario looks great!! I will be pressing my seams open for my next block too. I hope it helps with bulk.
    As for the new project, I think you have a great amount of self-restraint! I can't do it and that is why I have a list of about 15 to 20 UFOs!! I love starting new projects! Finishing them... not so much. My husband always says it is suppose to be fun, so do whatever makes you happy and make sure you are having fun!

  7. Happy Birthday! I am turning 30 in September, but I gave up last year. I feel like I've already been 30 for a year! I loved your "I suspect trickery" line=)

    I don't think I'm any help at all with your patchwork quilt urge. You probably shouldn't watch my blog this week... Just sayin.

  8. Happy,Happy Birthday to you!! I am 31 so yeah 30 is weird! You will be fine though promise:)

    EZ Dresden is fabulous and I can't wait to see it quilted.

    Your new iron is super cool!! What a great hubby to be he is!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!! The cake looks yummy. I still have a few months until I turn 30, not looking forward to it! Of course I also got upset when I had to start checking the "25-29" category on questionnaires lol. The damp muslin is such a good idea and I am going to have to try that on my Luigi block! The EZ Dresden is looking awesome!

    And...I am going to be an enabler and say you should start your patchwork quilt! :D

  10. I would love to turn 30 again! Enjoy each and every year...for you're only that age once. I understand the need to make the patchwork quilt....the squares are just daring you! Happy Birthday.

  11. happy birthday!! for some reason all the multiple of 10's never phazed me (but 28 did?!)...and i've had over twice as many bdays as you. in my head i'm still just a youngster! my baby is 38, and it seems just yesterday i was your age. love your mario--so clever and cute. thanks for sharing and have a great day

  12. Happy Birthday!
    Do you mind if I share this post on my blog? I love the Mario quilt!!


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