Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Wrap-Up

"Wait.. today is July?? What the?"  ... is what I thought when I woke up this morning and saw "Fresh Sewing Day July" posted over at Lily's Quilts.

So I went through my blog to see what I accomplished this past month. There wasn't much! A quilt, a potholder, and a place mat - which was actually finished May 31st so forgive me for cheating a little. ;)

Even so, I feel pretty impressed with myself for having a whole entire quilt finished. I've been clicking around to some of the peeps that have already linked up and WOW, holy cow! So many of you have gotten so much done, it's pretty unbelievable. Guess I'm just slow, heh. :P

On the subject of "where the heck did June go", I started thinking about what else happened in June...
  • My future sister-in-law and her boyfriend stayed with us for a week
  • My family threw a big party for my mom to celebrate her retirement
  • My fiance finished summer I and started summer II (classes for his (2nd!) masters)
  • We chose a caterer and are pretty close to signing a photographers contract
  • I made up our save-the-dates and sent them out
  • We watched all of season 2 of workaholics
  • The garden was finalized and it's poppin
  • I read "Gone" by Michael Grant
  • Fiance built shelves and put a door on a closet that's been empty since we moved in 
Exciting stuff people. I'm sure there are other things that happened, but I haven't finished my coffee yet, so that's as good as it's gonna get!

I'm also going to sneak in to the small blog meet up. I have exactly 50 followers (woo hoo for that!), so I'm right on the border. Glad to meet you!

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  1. I love your pebble quilted placemat! It looks so awesome. I need to practice pebble quilting :-/

  2. Sounds like an extremely busy month! I agree with Sally, the pebble quilting on the placement looks brilliant.

  3. Love your quilt, and your pebble quilting is awesome!

  4. Adore your finished quilt and I echo the others - the pebble quilting in high contrast thread is so brave and successful.

  5. With everything you have going on I think it is remarkable what you got done and your quilt is beautiful!

  6. Awesome quilt finish! And just fyi if you are interested, link up any recent kitchen/table finishes at Tuesday at the Table ... a new event for July starting this week!
    And congrats on 50 followers! Your blog looks great!

  7. Everything looks great on your mosaic. Sounds like you had a busy month.

  8. Love the stuff you've made:) I was reading your "about me" page and liked your comment about always needing more fabric. I totally agree!

  9. Love your makes, especially the quilt. It's beautiful!

  10. Wow you have had such a busy month, I think you have completed loads! Great projects and love the quilt. I look forward to hearing more about your study and wedding plans as well as your next projects :-)

  11. Your pebble quilting is amazing! I still smile when I see that Lego sewing machine ;) Sounds like the wedding plans are coming along - good luck and best wishes!!

  12. I really like your wonky squares : ) Also, great job on the pebble quilting. I saw you at Fresh Sewing day. Hi!

  13. I've never FMQed (don't have the right foot) but I dreamt last night I pebble quilted as my first try... I'm pretty sure it didn't turn out as nice as that placemat, lol!

  14. I think anytime you finish a quilt in a month, you have accomplished a lot! Yay for all the wedding stuff checked off your list too! My month has consisted of watching 3 seasons of Sons of Anarchy and playing SongPop on Facebook :D. Gotta love lazy months!

  15. Your wonky square rings are awesome! Great work - I think you accomplished a lot considering you had house guests!


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